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"molten" feature light


Stalactites is a feature lighting installation of an expressive sculptural dynamic. Named after the phenomenal geological occurrence that sees large dramatic "spikes" formed in caves, Stalactites are an expression of the material state of and craft process of hand blown glass. The lighting feature with transparent glass tube-like elements of varying heights are composed as if they are in continuous progression, slowly stretching through the course of time. The dynamic of this transience of progression is visually experienced as the glass projects from both the ceiling and the floor.

drama of the material

The hand-blown glass elements encapsulate two LED light sources, a floating ball of light at the apex of the glass element, and a spotlight at the base/top providing subtle enhancement of the effect of the delicate arrangement of glass shades.

individuality of each element

As well as being a dramatic lighting feature, Stalactites is modular lighting system. Each glass element is individual with compositions of any quantity and arrangement possible from the five hight options available for the glass shade elements. All glass shade elements are interchangeable including between floor and ceiling mounted installations.

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