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the cabinet of subtle playful details

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Flop is a collection of storage cabinets of varying size and configuration for the home.

In a time when the idea of "handle-less" furniture brings to mind the stark planes of cabinet doors with "push to open" mechanisms, we attempted to interject in this eternal feud between this un-adorned and sleek minimalism and the practical ergonomic requirement we all have for the handle.

the character of access!

A defining characteristic of any cabinet is how its internal storage capacity is accessed, the obvious method being the handle applied to the door that opens the cabinet. Playing with the concept of an "integrated" handle as an integral integration to the material and fabric of the cabinet, we sought to give a new visual interpretation of what the handle could be.

the relaxed handle

Allowing a layer of the door to flop open at the corner provides just enough space to create a gap behind, and in doing so creates the functionality of an integral integrated door handle.

combining colour and details

Enhancing the visual strength of the flop design, the relief behind the flop handle is coloured to increase the contrasting effect of the wooden material of the cabinet. Reinforcing this subtlety of design detail, the base leg structure of the cabinet is coloured to match the handle detail.

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