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active dermatologic product range


SEQquaderma is a newly established brand of active dermatological skin care products.

Bright Potato was commissioned to undertake the design development of a visual langauge for this newly established cosmetic skincare brand along with all of the elements of there first product range.

Logo Design

The formation of the principle brand logo is a combination of two key elements that are essential to the identity of the brand, the three core brand attributes:
Safety - Efficacy - Quality
and the title of the companies unique skin technology "Sequessome"

A family of logo variations was created to identify the different product categories under the brand. These logo variations give individual identity to each product category while still maintaining the direct relationship to the principal brand logo.

Brand Development

Through close client consultation, key brand values and attributes were established to inform the development of the visual language of the brand.

Product Packaging Design

Cartons and bottle designs ...

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