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the atmosphere chair


ArNO (Argon, Nitrogen & Oxygen) is a lightweight metal wireframe chair that portrays the invisible inter-twined connections of social interactions just like the mixing of the elements that makeup the air in our atmosphere.

a whisper that floats on the wind!

Like a transient whisper that floats on the wind, ArNo is a wireframe chair with fleeting movement and memorable substance at the heart of its DNA. As a representation of the elements that invisibly combine to become the air of the atmosphere all around us, ArNO is the fusion of expressive and individualistic shapes, with the carefree spirit of a refreshing summer breeze.

mixing line

It is the intertwined and invisible mixing of these elements that forms the basis of our planetary atmosphere, as such ArNO is a piece which attempts to portray and recreate this "invisible mixing" of elements that create an atmosphere between the piece and the user.

for the atmosphere

This stylish and charismatic chair blends form and function in a lightweight and robust stacking chair which is perfectly suited for outdoor atmosphere's

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