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+ -

(Plus Minus)

a concept for creating

+ -

Plus Minus is a concept system of building blocks, allowing anybody and everybody to be a designer/builder, and create/build their own solid objects in any size, scale or shape that they desire.

project outline

The objective of this project is to create a system that facilitates the building of shapes in any size, scale & profile, without the need for any in depth technical knowledge of production methods or material science. Thereby simply allowing anybody to engage in one of the most exciting part of design, that of exploration and experimentation in creating real objects.

design of a system

Realising the requirement for the system to be able to produce three elements, flat surfaces, positives and negative curves, the project lead to the development of a system of two base units/tiles/blocks.

The two base blocks are squares of the same dimensions, with a differentiation in the angles of the sides of the pieces.
"plus" the first piece has positive angled sides, while
"minus" has opposing negative angled sides, hence the project title: plus minus (+ -).

The connection of these two base blocks in their various combinations allows for the creation of both flat and curved surface.

freedom to create objects the way you want to

Creating whatever shape you like is a matter of assembling the combination plus and minus pieces until you get your shape

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