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the urban plant/tree holder
rooted to the rainforest


Mangle is a plant and tree pot designed specifically to promote the growth and development of trees and plants in the urban landscape.

The urban landscape is perhaps the most important location for trees to exist, as we search for cleaner air and better living environments of or urban populations.

However this urban landscape is an un-natural and harsh atmosphere for a tree to grown and thrive in.

Project Story

Inspired by in the tropical mangrove trees.

Mangroves, from which the name "Mangle" is derived, are among the most productive and complex ecosystems on the planet.
Thriving within harsh tropical and subtropical environments in locations between land and sea, the mangrove has the unique ability to survive and grow in the soil/mud of these location which contains high levels of salt that ordinary plants and trees cannot survive in.

As a result of these characteristics the Mangrove is the basis for the development and support of micro ecosystems of all other flora, fauna & wildlife within these harsh environments.

It is in these characterises that Mangle is attempting to emulate in the harsh environment of the urban landscape.

Project Status

The Mangle project is currently in pre-production development.
It is anticipated that mangle will be available within two months.

Please contact the studio to register your interest in Mangle.

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