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the butterfly wing pendant series

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Named after the largest know family of butterflies the "Papilionidae" family, our Papillon pendant series express's the elegant forms and colours of the fluttering wings of the butterfly.

Consisting of two pendants "Rip" and "Edge", Papillon is available in a range of eight colours, and two materials (brass or aluminum).


Papillon "Rip" is characterised by the apposing angular line's of the bottomed edge's of the pendant.
shown here in Aluminum and Brilliant Blue (Ral 5007).


Papillon "Edge" is characterised by the flat line profile to the bottomed edge of the pendant.
shown here in Brass and Jet Black (Ral 9005).

Colour Series

Combine Papillon from the eight available colours to create striking task and feature lighting installations in any interior.

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