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Our aim is to,
design to make a difference.

"say something with what you do, or do something with what you say"


Our studio's name (Bright Potato) is a creative expression of the cultural identity of the studio's founders, Diego Martinez Pereira (Spanish i.e. Bright) & David Beirne (Irish i.e. Potato). In this, our name expressly reflects not what we are, but more importantly who we are, and our approach to our work, which can be characterised as diverse, innovative, and above all creative.
Our work spans multiple industries where creative intervention and practical implementation of simple innovative design is required.
Check out our work process below or have a look at a sample of some of our projects here.

our design process

the first step!

The first step with every single project, is to define the extents of the project. For us this involves assessing and redefining the objectives of the task that has been commissioned. Re purposing these objectives from the perspective of all parties involved is the bases from which all of our projects are built upon.

This user centered approach provides a holistic viewpoint of the widest possible scope and requirements for all projects. Thus maximizing the potential effectiveness of the solutions that will be developed to meet these requirements.

gaining insight!

From the definition of the scope in our first stage, this second step is primarily a research and conceptualization process around the issues and interactions of these objectives.

This is the process of collecting and building blocks of knowledge about the project and its wider circles. This is the key to establishing of a truly meaningful level of insightfulness that facilitates the development of the best and most appropriate solutions.

developing solutions!

Building on the crucial first two stages, stage three is the practical stage when "research" and "scenario concepts" are manipulated and developed into tangible solutions.

This development, requires the knowledge of material, process and industry, along with the technicial skills to generate design specifications that will materialize design concepts into functioning design solutions.

In the search the most effective solution, this development stage usually requires the production of physical prototypes/mock-ups for the purpose of testing proposed solutions.

making things better!

The studio's objective is simple! "make things better", as the final stage in our work process, until we have achieved this we have not completed our job!

By delivering/ implementing our designs to the requirements of the project and to the strength of the original concept, it is our goal to maximize to the fullest, the potential for our work to make real and positive change for our clients.

check out some of our projects here or
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