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SLEEP + EAT 2018
Theatre concept design

November 12, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that we have been busy creating an exciting project in partnership with Wilson Associates for this year’s Sleet + Eat event. One of the centerpieces of the event will be the event theatre which will grace the thoughts, opinions, and discussions of world-renowned leaders spanning the links that are driving the hospitality and catering sector across the world.

Working in tandem with the international world leading interior architecture design studio Wilson Associates, we have collaborated with the organizers of this year’s Sleep+Eat event to create a truly beautiful and amazing space which we are very excited to show during the Sleep + Eat event which takes place from 20th-21st Nov at the London Olympia.

The conceptual intention for the theatre installation was, right from the start, to express life’s continual process of learning and discovery along the path that we hope leads to a positive progression for ourselves and our loved ones. The connections we harbor and the knowledge we gain along this path usually defines, and at the same time differentiates us as individuals among the population of our generation.

Linked to the duality of the title of the Sleep Eat event, our concept for the theatre space is titled “Perspective: to see, and to share”, represents the duality of both the physical and the intellectual position of a shared learning experience. The intention is to create a space that is liberal to the exchange of knowledge and invigorating to drive both engagement and enjoyment in seeing and sharing in the lectures and talks of the event.

Seeking to represent this conceptual overview within the physical realm of the event hall, the aspiration of our concept is to create a setting of a rooftop terrace chillout/ hangout on a summers evening.

The rooftop setting that allows us to rise above the world to the fresh seclusion of the sky, and provide the invigorating perspective of the vista of the world all the way to the horizon. Combined with a relaxed comforting ambiance of this peaceful social and engaging setting, an immersion of ideas and self-expression can flow like the warmth of a rich sunset dropping across the shoulders of its viewers.

Be sure to register for the exhibition at, to experience the atmosphere and energy of our concept installation for yourself.

And of course, we look forward to seeing you all there.

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